Mechanism of Picamilon Picamilon is a molecular combination of vitamin B3 and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). Supplemental GABA has little to no active bioavailability where as picamilon's unique composition allows it to readily cross the blood brain barrier and affect a number of changes. Inside the brain Picamilon increases intra-cranial and cortical blood flow and acts as potent vasodilator many times more powerful than Hydergine or Vinpocetine. Due to its GABA affiliation picamilon also acts as a mild sedative, calming the nerves and reducing symptoms of anxiety and irritability. Uses Picamilon's vasodilative properties improve cerebral blood-flow and thus cerebral metabolism and oxygenation May benefit mild depression Lowers LDL levels At higher doses may function as a mild stimulant May be of particular use to those suffering social anxiety disorder May exhibit stimulant type effects at higher doses Issues At higher doses Vitamin b3 (2g+) has been indicated in liver damage and may cause flushing and skin irritations. Whilst unsubstantiated - cessation of picamilon after a long-term/high dose regime may increase the risk of seizures and exhibit many of the severe withdrawal symptoms associated with benzodiazepines. Dosage There is little official medical stricture regarding picamilon's ideal dose regime, however, at smaller doses, picamilon displays an exclusive non-drowsy sedative effect, whilst at higher doses, (some 100mg three times daily) picamilon develops a stimulant type affinity and user's should tailor their dose according to their specific goals.

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